4000 Vend to Fill
Indoor or Outdoor, Dual, MDB Water Vending Machine
Pay at the Machine

Standard Features for the base unit

Stainless Steel Cabinet 
Stainless Steel Door 
Front Poly Graphics   
MDB Vending Controller
MDB Coin Mech with Changer
MDB Bill Validator
Dual Big Blue pre-filters 
500 gpd RO HF TFC 
1/2 HP RO Motor 
92 Gallon Polly Storage Tank 
3 gpm Dispensing Pump Per Nozzle 
UV Sterilizer 
Post Carbon Filtration 
Liquid Fill PSI Gauges  
Six Programmable Vend Buttons
Cash Accountability 
LCD Credit/Program Display
10 Amp RO Tank Float 
10 Amp Sump Float 
Overflow Automatic Shut Down  
T-Handle Door Lock
Puck Lock Mount
Stainless Steel Bottle Shelves  
Stainless Steel Cash Box
Stainless Steel Hardware 
Chlorine Test Valve 
TDS Test Valve  
Two Dispensing Nozzles 
Multi-Vend Capability 

Call: 877-660-5901 or email: info@goh2o.com

Total cost for the base unit = $11,400
$2,500 Down Payment to place your order

Upgrade Options

$500  -  1000 GPD RO System
$700  -  2000 GPD RO System
$225  -  Custom Graphics
$300  -  Side Graphics, Custom or Standard
$499  -  Alkaline on One spout
$699  -  Alkaline on Both Spouts
$495  -  NAYAX Credit Card and Cashless System
Cabinet Size:    36" Deep, 46" Wide, 80" Tall,  725 lbs
Water Inlet:        1/2" NPT
Waste Outlet:     1/2" NPT
Electrical:          120 VAC - 9 AMP
Minimum Water: 40 PSI at 3 gpm

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