4000 CASHLESS Vend to Fill
Indoor/Outdoor, Dual, MDB, Cashless Water Vending Machine
Pay at the machine

Standard Features

Stainless Steel Cabinet
Stainless Steel Door
Front Poly Graphics
MDB Vending Controller
NAYAX Credit Card & Cashless System
Dual Big Blue pre-filters
500 gpd RO Set Up
1/2 HP RO Motor
92 Gallon Poly Storage Tank
3 gpm Dispensing Pump Per Nozzle
5 gpm UV Sterilizer
Post Carbon Filtration
Liquid Fill PSI Gauges
Six Programmable Stainless Steel Vend Buttons
Sales Tracking with NAYAX
LCD Credit/Program Display
10 Amp RO Tank Float
10 Amp Sump Float
Overflow Automatic Shut Down
T-Handle Door Locks
Stainless Steel Bottle Shelves
Stainless Steel Hardware
Chlorine Test Valve
TDS Test Valve
Two Dispensing Nozzles
Multi-Vend Capabilities 

Call: 877-660-5901 or email info@goh2o.com 
Total cost for the base unit = $11,400

Upgrade Options

$500-  1000 GPD RO System
$700  -  2000 GPD RO System
$225  -  Custom Graphics
$300  -  Side Graphics, Custom or Standard
$499  -  Alkaline on One Spout
$699  -  Alkaline on Both Spouts

System Specifications

Cabinet Size:         36" Deep, 46" Wide, 80" Tall, 725 lbs
Water Inlet:           1/2" NPT
Waste Outlet:        1/2" NPT
Electrical:             120 VAC - 9 AMP
Minimum Water:    40 PSI @ 3 GPM

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